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Our Goal

Preserving the past - for generations to come.
We hope this project will unite family members near and far.
Tony & Sandy Cocchiara


Our Roots

Many family histories begin with “word-of-mouth” stories passed on from generation to generation. It is through the process of “living” that these stories are created. I'm sure everyone can look back and recall the stories that are told and retold to others just as they were told to us, sometimes with laughter and sometimes with tears, but always with love. Often they start with something like, “Remember that time when we..” or “I remember my father (or my mother, or my aunt, or my...) telling me about how...” or what about “When I was your age?” Well, our family was no different. It is by exploring these “stories” that we learn about the things that have helped to shape our lives, our values, who we are, and who we will become.

As you visit our ancestor's pages, keep in mind that these were real people, with real families, living very real lives. Each one unique, each one special, and each one with his or her own story to be told.

It is these combined experiences, both past and present, which form...
Our Legacy.

Our Legacy


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bullet  A Special Tribute
A dedication to the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces.
To these very special individuals and their families, we say...

Thank You.

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Thinking about researching your family ancestry?
Want to build your own web site but not sure where to start?
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